Glitch Hop In Ableton Live With SLYNK

Sit back and prepare to have your mind blown as one of Glitch Hop's finest producers walks you through the entire process of creating an upbeat, funky glitch hop banger from start to finish. Discover his insider secrets for sound design, mixing, mastering and arrangement in this whopping 7-hour course!

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It’s unreal, literally learn something new in each episode, little tidbits of info everywhere. Particularly on utilizing ableton’s warping modes properly. And arranging sounds to interact with each other and not play over each other.

Nick D. 
White Rock, B.C. Canada

➤ You can apply the techniques taught in this course using a different DAW to Ableton, such as Logic Pro, Cubase, FL Studio, Reason, etc.

➤ You’ll still benefit from seeing the workflow to creating a track from the ground up. While you won’t get exactly the same results, you’ll be able to produce a similar sounding neurofunk track in your DAW of choice.