Free Vocal Samples – Complete List

Free Vocal Samples and a cappellas

If you need free vocal samples to add a new dimension to your music, this list of resources is for you!

Vocals are a core element of music, even instrumental music. Many genres heavily rely on vocal samples to breathe more “life” into the mix and the arrangement.

There are multiple ways you can use vocal samples. For example, using the human voice as an instrument in itself in your sound design is a widespread practice. They can be utilized as “pads” or even “leads”.

Most popular tracks that make it to the charts feature elements of human speech and singing. That’s natural because we are attracted to beautiful voices and their messages. .

We have compiled a great list of vocal packs you’ll find very useful. Some of them are royalty free, which means that you can use them commercially without having to worry about licences.

EDM Vocal Samples



The Highlife EDM Vocals pack features an excellent collection of samples that will satisfy your electronic music production needs.

It contains five free acapella kits that are compatible with most DAW’s on the market.

Each kit includes dry and wet versions of the vocals. “Dry” means that the vocals are clean, with no effects applied to them.

(“Wet” means that the maker has enhanced the samples by applying reverbs, delays, phasers, compression, and so on.)


What About: Ethnic EDM Vocals

In this pack, you will find eight kits with vocals. These samples have a strong Eastern and Ethnic feel.

Each kit includes exclusive orchestral and percussive loops, so you can blend them with your vocal samples and create conceptually consistent tracks.

Authentic Eastern vocals will spice your tracks up and add a more distinct feel to them.


EDM Drop – Vocal Sample Pack

This eclectic pack features samples from a wide array of artists and genres.

They are from other artists’ material, so they are not royalty free. They’re mainly for practice purposes.

They are all classified in BPM categories of 110, 120, 140, and 175 beats per minute.


What About: Free EDM Vocal Shouts & Loops

A truly versatile sample pack that contains 140 dry and wet loops, all of them are crafted to suit the needs of all contemporary EDM sub-styles like Progressive, Trap, Melbourne, and other prominent sounds. 


Volterock Vocal Hazard Packs (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

This free vocal sample pack came from Reddit. It was initially a Christmas gift. The kit contains almost 1100 samples.


SampleRadar: 1,338 free female vocal samples

This extensive pack has tons of amazing female vocals, featuring soft, medium and hard variations.

If you’re looking forward to making your tracks more expressive, you may use the same samples in different variations in particular parts in your song.


Free Vocals & Loops | Free DJ Vocals | Acapellas

This is another great bundle of loops that you can integrate into your track.

The samples are in WAV format. You can use the samples for a wide range of genres and styles like House, EDM, Glitch, drum and bass, techno, dubstep, future bass and so on.


This is a promo bundle that contains 60 loops and mashable DJ vocals. They all come in high quality WAV format.

All the samples are eclectic so you can use them for a wide range of styles. An excellent choice for EDM producers.


NODUSK Future Vocal Chops II

Another truly delightful collection. Although it might not rock everybody’s boat, these samples are conceptually consistent, and masterfully processed.

The list of music styles you can create with these samples is almost endless. A really creative bundle indeed.



Addicted is an aesthetically pleasing sound pack. The singer’s voice is extremely beautiful.

There is a decent amount of hooks, drops, and verses that can be used as drones, pads or even percussive elements.

The bundle’s versatility doesn’t stop here though. Because the samples were  recorded at around 175 BPM, they’re perfect for Drum and Bass and even slower genres like R&B and Hip Hop. 


Royalty Free Vocal Samples

MusicRadar Female Ad-Lib Vocals

Import these high-quality 24-bit WAV samples into your DAW and get rolling with some tasty vocals! Since these are royalty-free samples, you can use them however you like.


Bright Lights Vocal Sample Pack

This bundle contains 80+ royalty-free vocal samples, loops, and effects.

Some audio files even feature leads that accompany the voices, instantly giving your music more character.

This is a truly great collection, because some of the vocal phrases are 8-bars long. This pack is an excellent choice for a beginner.


Trap Vocals Pack by Hex Loops

These Trap Vocals are ready to spice your beats up. All you have to do is drag them into your DAW.

This bundle mimics the vocals on the industry’s most popular hits and artists.

The pack consists of 120 high-quality, royalty-free vocal samples. You could use these samples and release your music commercially with no issues.


Pulsed: Free Vocals

This pack has been put together by Pulsed Records. They’ve taken them from the releases they’ve put out over the last few years.

Just like all of the above-mentioned packs, this one is also royalty-free. Have all the fun you want using them in your songs, or even releasing your own songs on a label.



Since 2012, Function Loops has released two distorted glitch samples called VOX. This particular bundle is a reiteration of the previous two, with a more contemporary feel.

The original samples are re-edited and remastered. These sounds will remind you of tracks from the early 2000’s.


Looperman Royalty Free Acapellas

This website is an excellent platform, where users share their own acapellas with the community.

Many of the high quality samples are recorded in great studio conditions. There are loads of samples to choose from. Feel free to use them in your own commercial releases with no issues.


What About: Free Vocal Loops & Chops

This vocal loop pack contains 58 dry and wet versions. The sound design is highly compatible with contemporary electronic 4/4 genres like Future, Deep House, and EDM.



The Ghosthack team has put together a series of samples that would come in handy if you make Future Garage, Chilltrap or any other downtempo style of music. These samples are very similar to what you’d hear in a Burial song.

The vocal samples are heavily enhanced with reverb, delay and other effects. There are 30 sounds in the bundle, and all of them are 24-bit WAV. Therefore the sound quality is not an issue.


The Ultimate 2.5 GB Black Octopus Collection

The guys at Black Octopus have been very generous over the last few years, and this collection is an excellent example of their generosity.

They’ve put out this huge library for free. Most sites only offer free samples as “demo only versions”. That means that if you’d like to use the sounds commercially, you’d have to buy the product.

But this bundle is not only free to download, but 100% royalty-free too!



This StayOnBeat sample pack includes lots of vocal harmonies.

They have put together a well rounded vocal kit that explores different complex melodic progressions.

The package contains 17 high quality samples that feature anything from solo singers to entire choirs. 


Vocal Hazard Pack Volume 2

This collection isn’t necessarily going to be a good fit for everyone, but many Dubstep, Hardcore, and Drum and Bass producers will find it very useful.

It includes  748 odd, weird, loud and obtrusive samples.


Honourable Mentions

There are some other amazing websites that serve as platforms for acapellas and vocal samples.

Sometimes they are not very clearly organized. It’s therefore useful to search samples by tags assigned to the samples.

Most sites don’t charge a subscription fee, and the samples themselves are free, even royalty-free in 90% of cases.



This is a humongous sample storage site that has been building up its library since 2001.

Over the years, its user base has been uploading their own material and rare finds.

Canton, the website’s founder, carefully goes through every uploaded file and compiles the best samples into a master collection.

This master collection is available for free on the main page. Every sample is trimmed, normalized, renamed, and organized by hand.



The Freesound project looks to create a big database of audio samples and recordings under the Creative Commons license. You can reuse and remix almost all of the material as it’s usually royalty free.

The site isn’t just a storage of audio files – its advanced browsing functionality allows you to use a “sounds-like” browsing method, which is extremely useful.

Freesound receives technical support from the Music Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


Rob Meulman’s Free Vocal Pack

Rob is an experienced producer. He’s put out a very high quality pack of free vocal samples here.

In his forum post preceding the release, he mentions that he spent many years downloading free stuff from the Internet. Then he decided to make his own freebie featuring his own voice.

Most vocals are from his own R&B, Rock, Pop and Old School tracks.

All samples are standard 16-bit WAV files. They are recorded with a Sennheiser evolution 835a microphone.


I’m sure that this list of free vocal samples will supply you with plenty of material for quite a while.

When using samples, remember that it’s important to define your own distinct sound and style.

Think of the biggest names in the industry; there is always something special about their music – the effects they use, the vocal phrasing in their songs – everything matters.

So your focus is to find your own “voice” when programming and recording vocals.