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Free Trap Samples – Complete List

free trap samples packs

If you’re looking for free trap samples, you won’t find a list this complete anywhere else!

I’m sure you’ll agree that trap and hip-hop production has surged in the last decade.

Digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro have made it easier than ever to produce great sounding beats and songs.

To produce this kind of music, you’ll need an arsenal of high quality trap samples, drum kits, loops, sound effects, and more.

But where can you find high quality trap samples to use in your music?

Luckily, the Internet is full of free trap samples and trap sample packs. Some are more comprehensive than others, and not all of them are free.

First of all, everything listed here is royalty-free, so you don’t have to credit anyone for the use of these sounds. And best of all, most of them are completely free to download and use anyway.

Within this list you’ll find some generic trap sounds and 808 kits, but you’ll also come across Christmas and holiday sound effects, gun noises, and head-rattling drum rolls.

Take a look and prepare to make your next track something totally unique!

Free Hybrid Trap Sample Pack From BassGorilla

Most importantly, you should get this insane pack of 60 jaw dropping loops and one shots for making your own Hybrid Trap. It includes chest thumping basses, kicks, snares, lead synths and even vocoder synths in both loop and one shot format.

Go here to get the BG Hybrid Trap sample pack

Hybrid Trap is an emerging sub-genre of trap music that is taking dance floors by storm around the world lately.

It’s a fusion of trap with heavy basses (often using dubstep and neuro sound design techniques).

The result is a highly potent style of chest-thumping trap music that is DJs are going crazy over at the moment.

Grab your Hybrid Trap samples here


Trap 808 packs

In 1980, manufacturer Roland introduced the TR-808, a completely analog drum machine that would become the gold standard for hip-hop producers everywhere.

The 808 allowed users to program unique rhythms for personal or commercial use. Even some rock bands found great use for the TR-808, such as Nine Inch Nails.

free trap 808 kicks

Producers today still use the sounds of the 808, especially in trap music. Below are several resources for some great downloadable trap 808 packs.

808 Trapstep Pack Vol 1

This trap 808 pack that includes 103 samples, including 9 kick drums, 23 cymbals, 27 claps and snares, 13 FX, and more, absolutely free for download.

Soundpacks Free 808 Drum Kit

This is an entire 808 drum kit complete with bass, kicks, snares, hats, and percussion. These samples are in WAV form and very high quality.

Loopmasters Trap Essentials Vol 3

This 808 sample pack isn’t free, but it’s loaded with content. There are 70 percussive samples and 50 loops included here, all at 24 bit quality.

Hip-hop Makers Free 808 Drum Kit (227 Samples)

Here’s a free Roland 808 trap drum kit complete with 227 drum samples! Perfect for trap and hip-hop production.

The Highest Producers 808 Mafia Sound Kit

To download this trap 808 pack you need to share it via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), so why not spread the love?

Once you do, you can instantly download this pack for free, which includes everything you’d expect from an 808 kit and also piano and bell sounds.

Producer Loops Trap Veterans 808 Mood

This 808 kit will run you about 13 bucks, but it’s completely royalty-free; Not only that, the kit gives you options, offering every key signature and tempo as well as WAV, MIDI, and FLP formats. There are 111 trap sample files to explore here.

808 Sounds (55)

Here are 55 808 sounds for purchase. There are plenty of snares, snare rolls, claps, and loops. Each sample has a short description attached to it to give you a quick read of what it is. Both MP3 and WAV formats are included.

Producer Spot Free Download 808 Drum Samples Kit

More than 200 808 trap samples, including 50 snares, 10 claps, 30 toms, and more. This is a free download, and the site encourages you to share it with friends via social media.

SMD Records TR-808 Samples

Another free download of several TR-808 sounds. This pack includes 116 samples, including rim shot, maracas, and cowbell all at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution.

Trap snares

A good, punchy snare sound is vital to an effective trap or hip-hop track. Fortunately, there are hundreds of royalty free trap samples of snares for free download. From high frequency rolls to classic 808 snaps, this list has a snare for every producer.

Roqstar Audio 12 Free Trap Snares

This site offers 12 free trap snare samples for download in both Acid and WAV formats. All you need to do is register with Roqstar and log in! The site also encourages you to share your creations with them using their samples.

Splice Sounds Prime Loops Trap Snare Rolls

This site features 40 trap snare samples, heavily focused on snare rolls. There are rolls of different tempos, frequencies, and tones. Each sample is in WAV format.

Royalty Free Trap Snare Loops

20 royalty-free snare sounds, including fills, rolls, and loops! Each sample also has a little description below to give you an idea of its usefulness and type before even listening or downloading.

Overused Trap Snare

A simple and quote, “overused,” snare sample for trap music. Nevertheless, it’s very sought after and versatile. Simply use a plug-in to download the sound off of Youtube for use.

Trap Snare Rolls, Trap Samples and Drum Loops

This video is filled with trap snare roll samples. There are links to free snare sample downloads as well as snare rolls you can purchase.

Stay on Beat Trap Snare Sample Pack

Here are 35 royalty-free snare samples in WAV format for $9.99. The file downloads in a zip folder, and they can all be used in DAWs like Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Garageband, and more.

Sample Focus Trippy Trap Drum Loop

A small but free collection of drum sounds and loops with a few snare rolls in the mix. There is a pitched snare roll, marching roll, and even a pencil roll.

Soundsnap Snare Roll

Here are 39 trap snares for download in both MP3 and WAV formats. These aren’t free downloads, however.

There is an option to pay different amounts for a specific number of downloads, such as $15 for 5 downloads, $29 for 20 downloads, $35 for a monthly membership, and $199 for an annual membership.

Trap loops

Music production has gotten so much easier by using loops.

Using loops saves a ton of time when writing, recording, and programming. Having just one loop is also a great way to come up with new ideas.

Loops can also be manipulated in terms of pitch, tempo, and EQ. Here are a handful of sites with trap loop downloads to get you rolling on your next track.

Free Trap Samples – Complete List For Music Producers

Samplephonics Free Trap Bleep Bloop Loops

This site allows you to try some of their trap loops and samples before you purchase them.  You can browse sample packs by format, instrument, genre, and mood.

Free Beats and Samples Free Trap Loops

Enjoy this massive selection of free loops and samples. There are over 600 included here, with 100 synth loops, 106 chant sounds, and so much more. These will keep you busy for a while.

Producer Grind 28 Free Trap Melody Loops

Get these 28 free trap melody loops in WAV format designed by producer Mo General.

Free Trap Drum Loops (Video)

This video features free trap drum loops with a link in the description for free download.

Stay on Beat Free Trap Loops Download

Grab these 10 free trap loops that are also royalty-free. You can download them into a .zip folder. Simply unzip the folder after downloading and the loops are ready to go in any DAW.

Splice Sounds 100 Trap Loops

This pack offers 100 trap loops for download. You need to sign up on the site, and membership is $7.99 a month. This grants you access to over 1 million samples. You can divide packs up by individual sample so you can pick and choose which loops you want.

Fat Loops

This is a massive library of loops for free download organized by genre and tag. There’s EDM, Trap, Glitch, House, and more.

Trap sound effects

A solid trap track depends on many variables, like a punchy snare and deep bass tones. But what really makes a track stand out is using sound effects.

Sound effects like voice samples, strange instruments, and real-life noises can all contribute to the song in cool new ways.

trap sound effects samples

Sometimes you might want to throw in a vocal line just before a hard-hitting breakdown. Or you might mix in a unique sound with a snare or hat to create a blended note on syncopated beats.

Whatever you use the effects for, they’ll be key to making a memorable track. Here you’ll find a ton of chant and vocal samples as well as cartoonish sound effects and mechanical noises.

Trap Sound Effects–Merry Christmas

This video will get you in the holiday spirit with 13 Christmas themed trap sound effects created with the Drum Pads 24 app. If you’re looking to start your 2017 holiday album or mixtape, this is a great place to pick up some bells, horns, and jingles.

Pond5 Sound Effects

Nearly 2,000 royalty-free trap sound effects, including trap door sounds, animal noises, metal impacts, and so much more.

Each sample varies in price from $0 to $20. The site also offers a monthly and yearly membership for 10 free downloads per month, rollover downloads, and access to a huge library of 200,000+ sounds!

The Highest Producers Gun Sound Effects (231 Samples)

If you’re making a violent, edgy track, this site offers more than 200 samples of gun and knife noises.

SoundBible Trap Sound Clips

A small but varied collection of free trap samples of sound effects. Includes robot noises, whips, and fireworks sounds, both in WAV and MP3 formats.

Free Trap Chants and Vox Sound Kit (Free Download) (Video)

A video showcasing primarily vocal and chant samples. The free download link is in the description of the video.

The Highest Producers Trap Vox Chants

Another free download of vocal and chant trap sound effects. This one includes almost 100 samples from moans, laughs, and “hey”s.

Producer Gring C-Ram’s Trap Vox and Chants Sound Kit

A nice little collection of free trap chants and vocal samples.

Stay on Beat Free Sounds and FX

A meaty list of free trap samples of sound effects from transition sounds to emergency sound effects. Thrown into the mix are some brass, nature, and ambient sound effects as well.

Looperman Royalty Free Trap Loops Samples and Sounds

This page is full of various royalty-free sound effects, loops, and snares from multiple users. There are bells, voices, pads, piano sounds, and more, all for free download.

This list just scratches the surface of all the great royalty free trap samples, loops, kits, and sound effects out there.

Finally, there is an enormous amount of content listed here, enough to keep you busy for a very long time.

Be on the lookout for even more free trap samples, because new ones come out all the time.

Until then, feel free to consult this list whenever you need inspiration and fresh sounds.

These free trap samples are sure to bring new life and energy to your future trap and hip-hop productions.