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Free Drum Samples – Complete List

free drum samples for electronic music production

If you’re looking to add some beats to your music, you’re going to love the free drum samples available on this page. We’ve put together a complete list of free samples just waiting to be put to good use.

One thing almost all electronic music has in common is killer drums. If our music was alive, the drums would be its beating heart. In electronic music, artists create drum beats using software and then add it to their tracks. These beats often appear for download online so that other people can use them.

The web is full of free drum samples you can use in your own music. To give you a hand, we’ve put together a huge list of these samples here on this page. You will find drum samples for dubstep, trap, and much more. We’ve also put together a list of free drum sample packs that have multiple styles of drumming.

Free Drum Samples (Complete Kits)

If you’re looking for a complete package, check out these free drum sample packs. They come with a huge variety of drumming styles to fit any kind of music.

Over 100 Free Drum Sample Packs
20+ Packs of Drums and Single Hits
Hordes Of Chords by JBL3677
Chillstrumentals Drum Kit
513 Tube Drums Sample Pack
808 Drum Kit
13 Sample Packs of Drum Loops and Breaks
Funk Valley Records’ Toad Drum Sample Pack
250+ Drum Sample Packs

Free Snare Samples

These free snare samples will add a sharp kick to your tunes. There are hundreds to choose from so you’ll never have a dull beat.

CrispyDinner’s 16 Layered Snares
22 Free Tape Snares
300+ Free Snare Samples
12 Trap Snares Sample Pack
36 Snare Samples

Free Kick Samples

If you want to add some deep bass to your music, then these free kick samples are for you. Kick drums are known for their powerful and deep notes, which these samples emulate beautifully.

100 Kick Drums Sample Pack
Main Room House Kicks Sample Pack
Free Kick Drum Samples
7 Trap Kick Samples
Dubstep Sample Kicks

Free Hi Hat Samples

Almost all genres of music take advantage of the various sounds created by the hi hat cymbals. These free hi hat samples will let you mix that sound into your own electronic music.

271 Hi Hat Samples
Scott Storch – 200+ Hi Hat Samples
250 Hi Hat Samples
54 Free Hi Hat Samples
Over 60 Hi Hat Samples

Free Cymbal Samples

Every artist is familiar with the splash sound created by cymbals. You can use these cymbal sample packs to add that powerful effect into your tracks.

615 Free Cymbal Samples
40+ Cymbal Sample Pack
Mega Symbol Sample Pack
Voxengo’s Cymbal Sample Pack
37 Symbol Samples by Wave Alchemy

Free Drum Samples for Dubstep

Dubstep is known for having rich and powerful drum beats. These free samples will help you add beats into your own dubstep tracks. Each pack has multiple files with enough variation so that you never run out of ideas.

Dubstep Empire Drum Kit
AZ Dubstep Drum Loops
Drum ‘n’ Bass Drum Samples
Audio Zombie xx – Safe Beats Dubstep Pack
AZxx 8 Bar Drum Loops Samples
1300 High Quality Dubstep Drum Samples

Free Drum Samples for Trap Music

Trap is a combination of rap and electronic music. It’s known for its unique beats and synth music. These free drum samples can be mixed into your own tracks to give them the signature trap sound.

By the way, if you make Trap Music, you should DEFINITELY grab this free Hybrid Trap sample pack that we created for you. It contains 60 one shots AND loops of dirty, dance floor ready samples for making your own trap music.

Go here to get the BassGorilla Hybrid Trap Sample Pack

Here are some alternative drum samples for trap:

Ghost Trap Drunm Kit
Metro Boomin Drum Kit
Sonny Digital Drum Kit
Trapstep Drum Samples
808 Trap Drum Kit and More
Ultimate 808 Drum Pack

Free Drum Samples for Future Bass

Future bass is known for its use of highly melodic synths and hard basslines. You can use the samples in this list to mix the future bass drum sounds into your own tracks.

Free Future Bass Drums
No Dusk’s Future Bass Drums
Future Bass Drums Sample Pack
Luks Future Bass Drum Pack
Future Bass Drums Vol. 1

Free Drum Samples for Hip Hop

Hip hop is a classic genre of music that blends naturally with electronic music. The free drum samples below were designed by the pros and will give your music a major pump.

Hip Hop Drum Kit
Lust Luxure Drum Kit
Chestpounder Hip Hop Drum Kit
Boom Bap Drum Kit
9th Wonder Drum Kit
Free Hip Hop Drum Kit

Free Drum Samples for House Music

Drums are at the heart of house music. You can use these free samples in your own tracks to give them the unique beats of the house music genre.

Deep House Drum Samples
NYC Drum Kit Samples
DWSD House Drum Kit
Cailum Staats’ House Drum Kit
DR-202 Sample Kit