Electronic Music Composition Ft. Haywyre

This 12 hours course is the most in-depth self-study course on electronic music composition anywhere online. It consists of 70 HD video tutorials & 10 in-depth interviews with classically trained musician and MonsterCat artist Haywyre. Guaranteed to take your songwriting skills to another dimension!

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My biggest challenge when it comes to producing has always been songwriting, composing full tracks. After watching this video series from BassGorilla, I am already slamming out tracks like i never have before. The tutorials are very well thought out and descriptive, and it’s really easy to grasp on to the concepts and follow alone! I highly recommend the Composition course to anyone that is truly determined to improve their songwriting and arrangement skills in any genre.

Steve Irelan 
Colorado, U.S.

➤ 90% of electronic music producers spend almost all of their time studying sound design and mixing & mastering, completely neglecting the vital ingredient that makes a great track: Composition.

➤ Anyone can learn how to create certain sounds, but if you want to write a truly exceptional track, you need to understand the core principles of what makes a great track.

➤ If you want to be able to write in any style or mood that you like, you need a solid grasp of the main concepts of music theory and how you can use it to your advantage…