DAW Wars: Revenge Of The Synth

analog synths in electronic music

“What’s behind this analog synth craze?”

“What has analog got over great soft synths like Serum / Massive / Sylenth?”

These are questions I’ve been asked lately.

Just when the music software and DAW makers thought they had the market cornered, vintage analog synth makers have been coming back with a vengeance…

But WHY?

Here’s my 2¢ –

The electronics of early analog synths led to “flaws” such as –

Drifting tuning. Distortion. Noise. Subtle variations in waveshape, frequency, amplitude.

You may be thinking, “Those are all bad things,”

But in the right amounts, these “flaws” are the most attractive thing about analog synths –   

They add a natural ‘acoustic’ complexity.  

It’s pleasing to the human ear.  

Digital synths and soft synths erased all of the “flaws”…

But while digital is more precise, the lack of variation led to sterile and “cold” sounds.  

The cries of “too cold, too sterile” got louder,

But producers remembered the synth sounds of the past, and started buying second-hand synths from the 60s and 70s.

At first these forgotten synths were very cheap…

But as analog interest grew and scarcity of vintage synths went up, so did their pricetags…

Vintage synths that were cheap in the late 1980s are now worth thousands of buckaroos.

But Here’s The Good News –

If you don’t have thousands of buckaroos to invest in analog gear, fear ye not –

Your boy Lukavich BassGovski has you covered –

There are certain “tweaks” you can make to many soft synths that will give them that analog warmth…

But only if you know how to “warm them up”…

The sound design and synthesis courses in our member’s area will reveal exactly how to do that, and…

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Until next time young Padowan,