Music Theory Hacks – 5 Tips To Make Chord Progressions with Ableton Midi Effects


How to create chord progressions using Ableton’s MiDi Effects plugins.

Ableton Chord is a great midi effect that enables you to create a chord from a single note.

We start this tutorial by adding several legato notes in the Ableton piano roll, then we insert an instance of Ableton Chord.

The problem with this is that not all of the chords fit into the scale we are using (in this case, the minor scale).

So we insert an instance of Ableton Scale (midi effect) using the C Minor preset.

This will ensure that the chords produced by Ableton Chord all fit within the C minor scale.

However, we want F# Minor, so we adjust the settings in Ableton Scale.

Chord Progressions with Ableton Midi Effects

Next, we will create chord inversions to give this chord progression a better feel with smoother transitions.

To do this, we record the chord progression into a new midi track.

Some of the notes sound better when they are moved down an octave, making a smoother transition between the chords.

We can also adjust the velocities of individual and note length to create a much more natural feel.

The final tip in this video is to create a note that is one (or two) octave(s) below any of the notes within the main chord progression.