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You can pick up some secret production tips from many of your favourite artists by listening to these episodes, and discover new artists and learn how they approach their music making. Enjoy!

MakO Interview – What You DON’T Know About Neuro

I was so stoked to be able to do this MakO interview that I was literally jumping around in my apartment when he said he was down to do it. If you’ve ever heard any of MakO’s music, you’ll know why. When we finally published this podcast episode, it was shortly after MakO had sadly […]

Stickybuds Interview – How To Make Ghetto Funk

I was stoked to be able to do this exclusive Stickybuds Interview – Tyler (AKA ‘The Sticky One’) is one of the world’s leading ghetto funk producers. Ghetto Funk is one of the many flavors of glitch hop, and is characterized by its uplifting feel and heavy use of samples from 70’s and 80’s funk […]

BassGorilla Podcast 002 with Ill-Esha

If you closely follow dubstep or glitch hop, you will no doubt have heard of Ill-Ehsa. During the past 10 years she has established international recognition for her unique production style of ‘organic electronic’ as well as her unique live performances which involve her DJing using Ableton Live while also singing and often looping her vocals […]

How To Run A Record Label (Or 4!) – Coffey Interview

If you’re looking for tips on How To Run A Record Label, look no further! Coffey is an entrepreneur and the founder of Ammunition Records (neurofunk drum and bass), Caliber Music (neurohop, mid tempo and dubstep), Bokeh Music (chill out, future garage) and Neurohop Promotions. These labels fall under the umbrella of the Arsenal Corp […]