The BassGorilla Podcast! Interviews with famous music producers and record label owners giving advice to music producers like you and me, for free!

You can pick up some secret production tips from many of your favourite artists by listening to these episodes, and discover new artists and learn how they approach their music making. Enjoy!

Skope Interview: Neuro Sound Design Tips

If you make bass music, this interview with Skope is a must-hear in my humble opinion, because you’ll find out so many in-depth examples of his sound design techniques for making neuro bass, percussion and other neuro wizardry, so get a paper and pen ready, seriously and expect to pause and replay some of the […]

BassGorilla Podcast 016 – Vespers Interview

In this exclusive interview with Vespers, we wanted to find out the story behind how he got started with his Youtube channel as well as his music. We also found out some great tips for making large, heavy bass sounds, as Vespers has been focusing on this genre recently. Vespers is Drew Betts, and comes […]


BassGorilla Podcast 015 – Kursa Interview

Lots of jokes and fun times doing this exclusive interview (scroll down to the player on this page) with the neurohop pioneer and bad man producer Kursa. Tons of great tips and tricks from him on bass music production in this one. If you want to know how to make neurohop or how to make […]

Podcast 014 – JPOD The Beat Chef Interview

In this exclusive JPOD The Beat Chef interview you’ll find out about his approach to writing music and some interesting production tips from him. JPOD also discusses his approach to live performances as well as his musical influences and his thoughts on the current glitch hop / glitch funk scene. If you are not familiar […]

MakO Interview – What You DON’T Know About Neuro

I was so stoked to be able to do this MakO interview that I was literally jumping around in my apartment when he said he was down to do it. If you’ve ever heard any of MakO’s music, you’ll know why. When we finally published this podcast episode, it was shortly after MakO had sadly […]