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Make Your Own Dubstep – Defining Your Own Trademark Sound

You may be wondering what exactly do I mean when I give this article the title ‘Make Your Own Dubstep’. This is not an article written to encourage people who don’t make music to start producing. This article is all about being original, finding your own voice, focusing on innovation and my views on imitation. […]

How To Make Your Own Dubstep: Making Each Element Really Pop

Learning how to make your own dubstep that sounds epic, original, has a clean mixdown and excites your listeners is where we should all be aiming towards (if you’re a dubstep producer!). Unfortunately a lot of dubstep out there sounds like garbage – rushed and predictable – the sound of robots raping each other. Dubstep […]

Some Nice Ideas For Transitions And Fills, And Why They’re Important

When you hear songs from new producers, one of the things that may strike you is that often the song has a hard time building anticipation and flow. It sounds more like a rough collection of loops, and not a polished piece you’ll want to listen to over and over again. Some of the key […]

How To Produce Music: Eight Mistakes To Avoid

Learning how to produce music is an epic never-ending journey. That’s what’s so fun about it – the learning never stops! Even your favourite producers are constantly discovering new techniques and improving their skills as they take their sounds in new directions, striving to be cutting edge. When you’re dying to improve your production skills but […]