Some Nice Ideas For Transitions And Fills, And Why They’re Important

When you hear songs from new producers, one of the things that may strike you is that often the song has a hard time building anticipation and flow. It sounds more like a rough collection of loops, and not a polished piece you’ll want to listen to over and over again. Some of the key […]

How To Produce Music: Eight Mistakes To Avoid

Learning how to produce music is an epic never-ending journey. That’s what’s so fun about it – the learning never stops! Even your favourite producers are constantly discovering new techniques and improving their skills as they take their sounds in new directions, striving to be cutting edge. When you’re dying to improve your production skills but […]

Sample Packs

Here are some sample packs for you to download for free. More will come in the future, so check back here from time to time. Don’t forget to click on the Facebook Like button 😉 Cheers. Koan Sound Snare Pack (courtesy of Koan Sound) Koan Sound Snare Pack   MakO Free Samples (courtesy of MakO) […]


Music producing software: Ableton or Logic

Do you ever wonder whether you should be using Ableton or Logic, or some other DAW for the majority of your work as a producer? Knowing which music producing software to buy can be overwhelming for many. Once you’ve decided on which DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to use, you’ll most likely continue to buy extra […]

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Interview Vudvuzela – Bass Music Production Tips

We sat down with up & coming bass music producer David Martenson, AKA Vudvuzela to find out his tips on making bass music. Vudvuzela has a very unique and exciting sound so we were happy to be able to speak to him and learn his crazy music making ways. Hey David, how are you doing? […]