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Podcast 026 – Glitching Techniques With Raptus

If you’re looking for simple but highly unique glitching techniques to use in your music, Raptus (AKA Roo Leach) reveals more than his fair share in podcast episode 026. This is a very special podcast – not only because Raptus has some mad skills that he’s gonna share with you, but also because he is going […]

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Podcast 024 – FREE Dubstep Tutorial With JIKES

You know that feeling when you hear a producer’s music and it blows your mind? That’s how I felt when I first discovered the sounds of James Leggett, AKA JIKES, from Ohio, USA. Being a huge fan of music from producers like XILENT, Seven Lions, Prismatic, Fractal and Au5, I was stoked to discover another […]

Using Linear Phase EQ on Snares

In this tutorial video below (one example from our Breaking Beats course), I want to show you how to  use linear phase EQ on snare drums, to colour them differently to using a regular EQ plugin. I learned about this technique from the interview I did with MakO on the podcast. In that interview, MakO […]

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Neurofunk Drum And Bass Tutorial (2 videos)

I’ve been picking up so many good tips recently from producers like Frequent, Kiro, James Marvel, Ordure – the list goes on. Most of these tips are about bass sound design and drums, so I made these two tutorial videos on how to make neurofunk drum and bass. I hope you like them. Please leave […]


Best Reverb Settings For Drums

I don’t know about you, but one thing I really struggled to understand when I first started making music was what the best reverb settings were for different instruments, and particularly drums. Of course we all know about decay time, but on a reverb plugin you typically have other settings, such as room size, stereo […]