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Take Part In Our BassGorilla Remix Contest!

BassGorilla Nocturna

Today I’m stoked to announce BassGorilla’s first ever remix contest, in collaboration with Splice.com! ABOUT THE TRACK: The track was created by one of our ‘Let’s Collab’ webinar course groups and is a multi-tempo bass music track, taking influences from dubstep, neuro and drum and bass. TRACK NAME: Nocturna PRIZE: The winner will be awarded with a […]

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Ableton Group Tracks Within Group Tracks Tutorial

Ableton group tracks

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through how you can set up group tracks within group tracks. This is a very powerful technique for mixing your track. This is actually one of the techniques revealed by Skope in our forthcoming course ‘Bass, Beats and Mixdown Techniques’, coming out in June. Skope is one of the […]

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Ableton Sampler Tutorial: 3 Deadly Techniques

Ableton Sampler Techniques

  Sampler is one of Ableton’s tools which appears innocent at first, but has a ton of power under the hood hidden in it’s tabbed windows. A ‘sleeper synth’, if you will. The beauty is that it is just so well integrated with Ableton’s other tools and overall work flow. In this Ableton Sampler tutorial, […]

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SeamlessR Dubstep Course – ‘Rasta Squad’ [Track Playthrough]

seamlessr dubstep course bassgorilla

Here’s a playthrough video where you can hear the completed track that SeamlessR creates in his ‘Dubstep: Start To Finish’ course, exclusively available from BassGorilla.com We tasked him with creating a Skrillex / Zomboy style dubstep track for the course, and he went ahead and created this banger, which he has aptly named ‘Rasta Squad’ (haha). […]

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Nasty Neurofunk Course 1st Preview Tutorial

Nasty Neurofunk Course

You may have seen that we’re about to release a new course called ‘Nasty Neurofunk’, which walks you through the entire process of building a neurofunk drum and bass track from start to finish. The course was created by instructor and professional sample pack creator Dan Larsson, who has done a lot of work with […]