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BassGorilla’s Top 10 Free Midi Packs

As part of our mission to give you all the tools you need to massively accelerate your production skills and make killer tunes, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled our favorite free MIDI packs. These packs have the freshest MIDI and WAV loops to provide you with the ultimate inspiration. So don’t hold back on exploring this MIDI mayhem, because you simply have to hear all of the amazing ideas and progressions inside.

1. CPrato
One of BassGorilla’s current top choices Carlos Prato, who runs CPrato.com, has a uniquely interesting service that caters to your MIDI demands. Oh, you have a song that you’d like to remix? He’ll extract the MIDIs for you under his subscription service. What could take you hours or even days of valuable producing time can be done quickly and professionally for a modest fee, freeing up time that is better spent sharpening your musical craft. In any case, check out CPrato’s free MIDI files of top artists and songs. It’s a pretty extensive free list, so you might also find what you’re looking for without a dime.

2. W.A. Productions’s Free MIDI Mega Pack
W.A. Productions has compiled a hefty free MIDI pack ready to kick start your songs. Its greatest strength lies in its ability to jumpstart your creative flow with minimal effort. You can build up in size, but not be too overwhelmed, since it provides you room to insert your creative take.

3. AngelicVibes
These MIDI packs by AngelicVibes stand out with their luscious, cloud-nine feels in their MIDI chord progressions. Great for fusing those feel-good moods into your Hip Hop and Pop tracks. Not only do they have free chord progressions, but they also have free sample packs for RnB, Trap, and Pop.

4. FL Studio’s Free MIDI Loops
This third-party site (not affiliated with Image-Line), has various interesting selections to give you that spark of inspiration, including styles such as EDM, Electro, Trap, Dubstep, and other popular bass genres. There are tons of bass lines, synth, chords, and drum beats to get your creative juices flowing.

5. MIDIWorld
MIDIWorld is a great resource for learning popular songs as they provide MIDIs from well-known artists and songs you’ve probably heard of. What better way to accelerate your music-making than to draw on some of the classics. Try starting off with your favorite song and give it a spin remixing it – you may well be amazed at the results!

6. BitMIDI
Similar to MIDIWorld, BitMIDI is a free MIDI site where you can download a huge selection of popular songs. What’s most fascinating is their “random” search feature that pulls up a list of randomly selected MIDI. This saves you time thinking of what to find and boosts your creativity, if you’re up for the challenge. Randomize your MIDI pick, study the MIDI, and make your very own spin off it. This is not only a fun activity, but you may unexpectedly impress yourself and jumpstart your creative momentum in times of frustration.

7. Midi_Man Huge MIDI collection
Midi_man, as he’s called in Reddit, spent countless months scouring the internet to make his very own MIDI collection. With a whopping 3.65GB cache of raw audio delight, this will provide you with enough musical firepower to last a while. This collection includes approximately 130,000 files traversing many styles such as EDM, classical, and even video games, movies, and TV theme songs. Have fun with this!

8. Producer Shop
Producer Shop provides a free sample pack selection for Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, and House, which are priced at $0. You could also check out all the genres they have under their Genre tab. How about mixing in some feel-good trance vibes with some raw, clubby, bass MIDIs?

9. Trisamples MIDI FILES
If you’re into Trap and Hip Hop, Trisamples has some free MIDI sample packs that can add a unique direction to your productions. Trisamples has got you covered with three versions so far, all specializing in melody loops. Even better it has presets for Massive users, and although it’s a dated VST, never underestimate its capability. Like Sylenth, it’s a classic for a reason, and you most certainly will still uncover novel sound combos, especially with these MIDIs.

10. The Highest Producers
The Highest Producers has done a very good job in aggregating a robust MIDI pack guide with an emphasis on not only Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, and House, but also RnB, Soul, and Funk. An additional plus is that they have all this in a wiki-styled table of contents for quick determination of what you’re looking for.

We hope you like the list, feel free to send us some feedback or let us know of other MIDIs we should include. Check out our other free lists and downloads to supercharge your production skills.