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BassGorilla’s Top 10 Free Max for Live Devices

At BassGorilla, we know that finding the right tools for the job can be a daunting prospect. So to help you save some time (and some money!) we have picked out our top 10 Max for Live devices – all available absolutely free!

Max for Live is a platform that allows you to build your own devices for use in your Ableton DAW. With Max for Live, you can create your own custom synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio effects, and much more. You can also build devices that modify Live itself, including the properties of tracks, clips, and native Live devices. If you want to learn more head into the Member’s area, learn from the pros and start connecting with other producers.

1. Vector Node

Providing a free alternative to the major vector synthesis, Vector Node allows you to automate the sliders inside Ableton Live. Move the white dot around and the values of the 5 sliders change, which can also be mapped to live parameters. The first four are the corners, while the fifth slider is linked to the middle. Also, it has a built in recorder so you can record your movement and when you hit a note it will play back those movements.

2. Tom Cosm’s Track Stats 1.0

Developed by the legendary Ableton Certified Trainer, Tom Cosm, Track Stats analyzes your Ableton Live projects in order to track your production habits. It logs how much you’ve worked on a song, how many beats you’ve played during that session, the total time of all sessions combined, total beats of all sessions combined, and the shortest and longest of each.

3. Leakage 1.0 – Automatic Glitching Bassline Machine

Another heavy-hitter by Tom Cosm, Leakage provides different sounds that automatically switches each instance a new MIDI note is played. With 128 Wavetable presets, you can utilize the randomize feature to generate novel sound combos. Once a sound is finalized, you can use the central sequencer area to fine tune and get them sounding super sharp. The only caveat is that it’s a “Pay what you want” model, but the upgrades are worth every penny.

4. Velocity Curve Editor (MIDI effect)

Need to edit your velocity curve quick? Here’s a Max for Live device that Ableton Live users who are using external MIDI hardware to play sounds in Ableton Live can edit velocity on the fly. Volume and velocity is a huge element for drummers, and greatly benefit from the ability to modulate velocity using this device.

5. VIZZable 2 (video effect)

VIZZable 2 has an awesome effect that you implement with video that’ll convert live video from your webcam into amazing patterns. There’s tons of visual effects that you can choose from.

6. Advanced Step Sequencer 2.0 (MIDI effect)

Advanced Step Sequencer 2.0 stands out as a Max for Live device step sequencer because you can draw in patterns with speed and accuracy under the Pitch panel, while also having the Octave and Velocity panels to play with. Furthermore, you can use the Scale feature to make patterns stick to different scales.

7. Circular Doppler (audio effect)

Circular Doppler is an astounding device that allows you to modify the stereo signals of your track so that it sounds as if the audio surrounds you. While usual panning creates a 2-D field of sound, Circular Doppler creates the illusion of a three-dimensional one.

8. Architect (LFO)

Architect is not an ordinary stock LFO; it gives you the option to alternate between MIDI (one-time envelope mode) and Loop (repeating LFO mode) settings. Most importantly, you can freely draw your own LFO shapes.

9. AnalogKick (MIDI instrument)

AnalogKick is used primarily for designing synthesized kicks. There are parameters to fine-tune elements like the amplitude envelope, frequency, distortion, and EQ. You can also create a blend between the beater (the object that strikes the kick) and the oscillator. If you’re looking for a solid starting point, try out any one of the 21 presets.

10. Valence FM (MIDI instrument)

Valence FM is a 2-operator FM synthesizer, with some features that make it a bit different than a standard Yamaha DX-type synth. There are 25 single-cycle waveforms to use as the carrier and modulator waves. It can work in mono or stereo, with separate FM depth controls per channel.

We hope you like the list, feel free to send us some feedback or let us know of other cool devices we should include. Check out our other free lists and downloads to supercharge your production skills.