Bass Techno In Ableton Live With Hurtdeer

Sit back and prepare to have your mind blown as one of Bass Techno finest producers walks you through the entire process of creating an upbeat bass techno banger from start to finish. Discover his insider secrets for sound design, mixing, mastering and arrangement in this whopping 3-hour 14-video course!

Watch the video below to find out how this course will boost your skills and listen to the finished track

It’s unreal, literally learn something new in each episode, little tidbits of info everywhere. Particularly on utilizing ableton’s warping modes properly. And arranging sounds to interact with each other and not play over each other.

Nick D. 
White Rock, B.C. Canada

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➤ Make an authentic, upbeat, bass techno track from start to finish

➤ Make your own bass techno style sounds

➤ Know insider secrets for creating bass techo with the right swing and layering methods

➤ Learn how to create various effects chains to create more authentic sounds

➤ See each section of the track get written, arranged and built up layer by layer

➤ See the track get mixed and mastered after all of the edits and transitions have been finalized