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Imagine how quickly your own music will advance once you know these proven methods

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Whether you've been producing for six months or six years, you are probably facing at least two of these problems right now

➡️ You struggle to complete tracks - What starts off as excitement slowly fades into boredom and you lose the inspiration to finish the track, time after time...

➡️ You want to create next level sounds but you fall victim to "tech overwhelm" trying to figure out every new synth, plug-in or overly complex technique...

➡️ Your mixes sound dull, muddy or unbalanced instead of punchy, clean and transparent (no matter how much time you spend trying to fix them!)

➡️ You don't have a firm grip on music theory and you know it's holding you back from creating music that evokes the emotions you want to express

Well if you are experiencing any of these, then let me say this

You're Not Alone!

You know electronic music is evolving at an alarming pace...

You know that many of the biggest hits from just two years ago already sound old and  outdated...

So you know that having access to the newest techniques will give you a huge advantage to keep your music ahead of the curve


Start To Finish Courses 

by world renowned producers revealing how to create the newest styles of electronic music from dubstep, future bass, trap, drum & bass, glitch hop, to deep house, future house, techno and everything in between 

Synthesis & Sound Design Courses 

by world renowned pro sound designers revealing how to make the newest sounds for the newest genres and sub genres of electronic music

Mixing And Mastering Courses 

by professional audio engineers that will show you how to transform any dull, muddy mix into a hard hitting pristine mix

Music Theory And Composition Courses 

by classically trained musicians that will show you how to inject excitement and anticipation into your tracks and write music that expresses the exact vibes, moods and emotions you want


Swipe these golden nuggets of production tips, tricks and hacks that you can rapidly then easily deploy them into your music for next-level results


that you can dissect, reverse engineer and mangle into your own sounds or even remix

Each project file includes samples, synth presets and midi files that you can use or transform into your own creations


Save up to 50% on the hottest VST plugins from the best music software companies in the industry. The savings you'll make here could easily cover the price of your membership many times over - it's like getting free money to get the most powerful tools that will help you make better music!


Accelerate your knowledge of music production and stay on top of the newest developments in the scene by gaining access to a buzzing community of like minded producers

➡️  Get your questions answered by harnessing the power of the member community
➡️  Keep an ear to the ground and find out the latest producer news before anyone else
➡️  Share your own knowledge, discoveries and ideas with other members
➡️  Make friends with passionate producers from all over the world
➡️  Find new collaboration partners


Post your latest tracks or works in progress and get feedback and new ideas to improve your music even further


Travel deep inside the mind of industry leading producers as they reveal their approaches to the creative process and much more, explaining how they produced their most famous tracks. Find new inspiration that will change the way you make music forever

Stop Wasting Time Trying To Learn From 'Armchair Amateurs'!

Our instructors have released chart smashing hits on these leading record labels:

...That's why our members have accomplished results like these since joining:

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Option 1: Gold Lifetime Membership

➡️ Uncover the newest techniques in courses by chart-topping producers (all current AND future courses) ($1,800 value)

➡️ Get quick tips in “Gorilla-Bomb” Tutorials by chart-topping producers ($520 value) 

➡️ Download and dissect project files and resources ($500 value)

➡️ Save up to 50% off VSTs from our partners ($500 value)

➡️ Interact in the Member Community & Track Feedback Groups ($500 value)

➡️ Watch Interviews & Case Studies with Famous Music Producers ($500 value)

Bonus #1 ‘Ultraviolet’ Future Bass Ultimate Sound Pack ($99 value)

Bonus #2 ‘Savage’ Hybrid Trap Ultimate Sound Pack ($99 value)

Bonus #3 ‘Dragon Fire Dubstep’ Ultimate Sound Pack ($99 value)

➡️ 90-day 100% Protection with our “Nothing To Lose” Money Back Guarantee

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Option 2: Platinum Lifetime Membership


➡️ Everything in Lifetime Membership Gold 

(including the three bonus packs)

Value: $4,617 USD


➡️ Get six personal video critiques of your project files by a world famous music producer over the next 12 months so you can rapidly advance your skills even faster!

NOTE: This service is currently available for users of Ableton Live, FL Studio and Cubase only.

Value: $600 USD

Total value: $5,217 USD

Three easy monthly payments of $199 USD

BONUS #1  'Savage Hybrid Trap' Ultimate Sound Pack ($99 value)

'Savage' is the ultimate production resource for creating your own highly authentic hybrid trap, heavily influenced by aggressive dubstep and neuro music

You'll be among the first producers in the world to get your hands on this unreleased sound pack, which our production team has been painstakingly working on for the last six months 

Savage Hybrid Trap includes hard-hitting, top quality Serum presets, midi files and samples (both dry and wet one-shots and loops) for drums, basses, lead synths, pads, FX and much more. Drag and drop these sounds your DAW and mangle them into your very own chest-thumping music

BONUS #2  'Ultraviolet Future Bass' Ultimate Sound Pack ($99 value)

You'll also receive our unreleased 'Ultraviolet Future Bass' sound pack.

This huge sound pack consists of top quality Serum presets, dry and wet samples and midi files for every instrument you could think of -

lead synths, basses, pads and drones, arps, plucks, FX and drums

Reverse engineer these exquisite sounds and create your very own highly authentic future bass tracks

BONUS #3  'Dragon Fire Dubstep' Ultimate Sound Pack ($99 value)

If you love hard-hitting, aggressive dubstep, then Dragon Fire Dubstep is for you. 

This cutting-edge producer resource is packed full of devastating drums, cheat-thumping basses and heart-stopping sounds including leads, pads, plucks, FX and much, much more! 

You'll be able to drag and drop the samples, Serum presets and midi files directly into your DAW of choice, reverse engineer and mangle them into your own highly authentic dubstep tracks.


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You can 'test drive' the BassGorilla Backstage Pass Pro Membership for a full 90 days completely risk free...

After experiencing it for yourself, you'll know just how valuable a resource it is for you to accelerate your skill level 

But if for any reason you decide that it isn't for you, simply send in a support ticket to our support team from inside the members area and request a refund. As long as you've requested it within 90 days of the date you enrolled, they'll issue a full refund to you

People have told us that we're crazy for offering such a long and generous guarantee, but we want you to feel comfortable and have zero risk when you decide to invest in yourself by joining today. We know that a few bad apples will take advantage of this and demand a refund no matter what, but why should we let that ruin it for everyone else? 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That's why we call it our 90 Day "Nothing To Lose" Money Back Guarantee

"Gorilla-Bomb" Tutorials

Project Files And Music Production Resources

Actionable Feedback On Your Tracks

Interviews & Case Studies With Famous Music Producers

The Highly Supportive Member Community

The Partner Discount Directory

In-depth Step-By-Step Courses That Will Sharpen Every Weapon In Your Arsenal


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